Saturday, 18 April 2009

On a mission to finish WIP

(Wonder how long this will last??)

Spent most of the night and day in Hospital with No 1 child. Suspected gallstones :0(

But I did manage to do a bit more of my Attic 24 bag but I also managed to finish off a pair of wrist warmers!!!

What do you think. They are really soft.
Going to have to hit the sack as only 2 hrs sleep last night has finally caught up with me.

Tomorrow, I am going to shame myself into action by posting photo's of my craft / sewing room. In a before attempted clear up pose!!!!

Keep nagging me to a) tidy up, sort out and chuck away rubbish.

and b) finish WIP before I start something new!!


  1. Hello
    Love your pets and your crochet!

    Sam xx

  2. Goodness, you and Jose have been through it lately. I hope poor Jose is feeling better soon, I heard that having gallstones is horrid.
    Your wrist warmers are gorgeous!!! Love the colours, they are so soft and warm looking.
    If I nagged you to tidy up and chuck away your rubbish, it would definitely be the pot calling the kettle black, and that goes for not finishing WIPs before starting something new too.
    Sending you lots of positive thoughts
    hope Jose gets well soon
    Good luck with clearing/sorting the sewing room.

  3. ooh, they do look soft and pretty, too.

    Love your blog.


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