Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hello, this is my 'try to shame myself in public in the hope that it spurs me to get sorted.
Blanket in progress, sneaked in a bit of time to do another row!

OK, This is pretty organised for me...

Can see myself in a wool shop (really CD racks but great for sorting out your stash!)

What a mess!!

Apple Pin Cushion.
Flower Fairy Needle Case


(Doesn't look so bad in this photo.....)

I have to climb these to get to my sewing room:0(


More mess.....

Now who's sewing table is worse Fi ?

OK, so I have the will power of a slug...... as I was tidying up a friend came for a coffee, whilst we were talking I just had a fiddle to see how this would turn out.

I just love the colours

But might be a bit itchy?

OK, then I went to tidy a couple of really big balls of Aran weight wool and then I wondered what the colours would look like together.....


  1. You're like me, distracted easily by pretty yarn. I don't think your sewing space is a mess. I would be concerned about those stairs though if I lived there. My goodness, I'd fall right on my butt. The flower book looks good so far, but I have yet to try any of the patterns. Any type of flower you'd ever want to make is certainly in that book.

  2. An Alladins cave! What a good idea to use cd racks to stash your wool.
    Your blanket is looking gorgeous and your squares, including the quilted ones. The stairs look a bit scary.
    How is your lovely daughter, is she feeling any better?
    Are you managing to get out in the sunshine? I had a lovely day in the garden today with baby Stanley visiting.

  3. Hi, Thanks for calling,
    My workshop is in a real mess at the mo'. But without a camera I can't take photos of it. Ha!
    I'm trying desperately to get some inspiration for some more ATC's. So everything comes out, paper, fabric. The yarn has yet to join the mess. What I am really enjoying at the moment though is my ripple blanket, care of Attic 24.
    Those stairs will keep you fit!

  4. How's the big tidy up coming along?
    My sisters advice in these situations is always to take it one shelf at a time. I think you are like me you have so much stuff in a small space.
    Best of luck


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