Friday, 10 April 2009

A Good Good Friday!

I have woken up this morning to a tidy house. Actually it is quite nice.

The reason?

Jose had a Body Shop party. So I spent all day yesterday doing housework, well apart from popping into the shed to hook a bit, stand a knit a bit as I moved various WIP around. (Why is it I prefer to knit standing up?)

What do you think of this? The start of my Attic 24 bag. And my first attempt at blocking (sad to say it really does make a difference). I am using DK Jacob wool that I brought years ago from Yellingham Farm I think I should have used a 3.5mm hook as it is fairly loose but I am please with the colours. I have decided these bags are going to be my Christmas gifts this year. They are so easy to make and Lucy has a way of writing patterns that make it so simple to follow.

I am also itching to start to make Queenies LULA Crochet Scarf PDF Pattern from the Natural Dye Studio. It is from the same designer who was featured in the Inside Crochet magazine.

I love knitting, enjoy small projects (only knitted one adults Jumper, my first attempt but received a luke warm reception from my ex, so stopped knitting for a few years) but I must admit that there is something different about crochet, for me anyway.

Although I am going to try to make a conscious effort to finish some of my WIP (saying that I have two new ones on the go at the moment!!).

I had almost finished my 'painting with yarn' bag but decided to give it a gusset. My aim it to get it finished and felted by Monday evening!

Think I need to paint my back door too, and don't really like the terracotta wall in the kitchen...... and have a load of seed that won't grow if they stay in their packets....and..... need/want to move the pond this weekend.

Well that's my weekend planned. hope you have a happy and restful Easter.


  1. Busy, Busy, Busy! Sit down and have a cup of tea and a slice of something nice, take a breath and stay calm!
    Have a lovely Weekend

  2. I can't believe I haven't already commented on this post. Your knitting and crochet are both gorgeous, I love your colour choices. And the photo of Lily is so sweet, she's a very pretty girl your Lil x


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