Wednesday, 22 April 2009


OK, so that was meant to make me think, Oh My God, My craft spaces are such a mess I must tidy up and put stuff away in the correct place.

But do you know what?

Life is just too short, the sun is out and lets face it, apart from the J's, who really cares if it is a mess, I've no one to nag me so I'll get round to it one day, but for now........

It is going to be known as creative clutter.

Me x


  1. creative clutter, that could catch on (very easily in our house).
    You just posted my 500th comment!(since I started blogging) and get this, you also posted my 100th comment!
    Thank you :oD

  2. oooh we could have a competition ...'the best mess' . They are some steep steps! its like a little hideaway ,lucky you! x x

  3. I suffer from sunny day distractions...craft distractions...puppy distraction...can relate!!! Might as well have fun all the time if and when you can!

  4. As you say....who cares??!
    Anyway, I never think your house looks untidy....just interesting, livedin....usually something on the table, sofa....somewhere...that's being knitted or crocheted.
    It's quite an 'arty' house....pretty cool really!

    Nicki x

  5. Life is way too short to tidy up! when i tidy i end up finding things i haven't finished and start playing wih them instead!!!

  6. Hi Colette
    Thank you lots for your encouraging comment on my blog. I will have a go at making leaves this weekend, am looking forward to that. It's a lot chillier isn't it? knitting weather me thinks :o)
    Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend and hope Jose is feeling better.
    Love and hugs x


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