Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Bag.

Well here is the bag.......

Slightly felted on a 40 wash as it was a bit big and loose pre-wash.

It's been to supermarket, pet shop, town, friends, car and that is just today!!!

Just got the flower to do to go over where the handles are sew on but didn't want to felt them.

Now need to make one for my Mums Birthday in June, bit more colour for that one. I have to say i haven't enjoyed making something so much for a long time. So simple, Lucy's tutorial was so easy to understand. If you can chain and either do a flower or a granny square, this bag is do-able. It can take a fair bit of weight too.

It isn't easy taking your own 'in action' shot, breathing in and trying to hide grey hair and double chins all at the same time.

I am going to take a week off blogging (well I'll read yours!!) but I seem to spend a long time on the computer and I really would like to get some more stuff finished.

Hope you have a lovely week, see you next weekend.

Colette x


  1. oooh that bag is lovely - i'm very much a newcomer to crochet but that bag is one thing i very much want to make and i can't wait!!!


  2. oh great! i love that bag, i have been thinking of doing a 'lucy bag' don't know what colours yet and am still doin the squares for the blanket. Yours is just fab. x x

  3. What a nice bag. I can tell you will get lots of good use out of it. I made a market bag last summer and it was very fun to make, however, I used a nylon cord and think I would have liked the felt better. Oh well, I may have to try again! Have a great day! Liz

  4. Lovely bag. I know what you mean, blogging can be time consuming.

  5. Your bag looks very nice. Isn't it great that Lucy has inspired us all to make one. Thanks for your comment.

  6. The bag is lovely
    You look gorgeous and far to young for grey hairs and double chins.
    Enjoy your blogging break, hope it helps to get you sorted
    Will miss you though.
    Thanks for the tip on crochet leave, have had a little go and it was fun, will post some soon.
    Hope you have a good productive week

  7. The postman arrived with a litle package for me :o)
    I am so happy with my sweet little hen.
    I have been all over the house with her looking for a nest. She seems to like my dresser near the living room window, although she looks so cute in the kitchen too.
    Thank you so much x will email soon.

  8. Thanks sooooo much for my gorgeous post, that was really very sweet of you. xxxx

  9. Hello Colette
    Hope you have a lovely creative bank holiday weekend x
    Warm hugs x


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