Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Bag.

Well here is the bag.......

Slightly felted on a 40 wash as it was a bit big and loose pre-wash.

It's been to supermarket, pet shop, town, friends, car and that is just today!!!

Just got the flower to do to go over where the handles are sew on but didn't want to felt them.

Now need to make one for my Mums Birthday in June, bit more colour for that one. I have to say i haven't enjoyed making something so much for a long time. So simple, Lucy's tutorial was so easy to understand. If you can chain and either do a flower or a granny square, this bag is do-able. It can take a fair bit of weight too.

It isn't easy taking your own 'in action' shot, breathing in and trying to hide grey hair and double chins all at the same time.

I am going to take a week off blogging (well I'll read yours!!) but I seem to spend a long time on the computer and I really would like to get some more stuff finished.

Hope you have a lovely week, see you next weekend.

Colette x

Friday, 24 April 2009

Wise words.

I have finished my attic 24 bag but I am going to try and felt it slightly as it has turned out rather large. Will take a before and after shot!!

I am having a very small tidy and sort out and found these words that I read at my Grandma's funeral. Sorry isn't meant as a glum post but just though I would share these words.

I will also take some photo's of my brand new 'thrift' patio. It is amazing and I did nothing (apart from lay a few bricks. My very good friend Rob did most of the work. (well all of it actually! and even found the bricks) My little cottage is really starting to feel like it is coming together and that is is finally mine. (and since Daz is in the front garden I have stopped thinking that moving would be the answer to the glumness that sometimes smothers me) I have so much to thank him for, he puts up with me changing my mind about things, being grumpy, has taught me how to do so many DIY things, found me DVD players, CD players, Sky dish etc etc at boot sales. A friend like that is totally priceless and I really hope he knows how much I appreciate all his help, even if sometimes it seems like I don't. I couldn't have got through these last two and a half years with out his help and support.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Take care.

If you stand very still in the heart of a wood
You will hear many wonderful things,
The snap of a twig and the wind in the trees
And the whir of invisible wings
If you stand very still in the turmoil of life
And you wait for the voice from within,
You'll be led down the quiet ways of wisdom and peace
In the chaos of sorrow and sin.
If you stand very still and you hold to your faith
You will get all the help that you ask.
You will draw from the silence the things that you need:

Hope and courage, and strength for your task. (but maybe not the grand tidy up that Poppy Cottage needs!!) x

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


OK, so that was meant to make me think, Oh My God, My craft spaces are such a mess I must tidy up and put stuff away in the correct place.

But do you know what?

Life is just too short, the sun is out and lets face it, apart from the J's, who really cares if it is a mess, I've no one to nag me so I'll get round to it one day, but for now........

It is going to be known as creative clutter.

Me x

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hello, this is my 'try to shame myself in public in the hope that it spurs me to get sorted.
Blanket in progress, sneaked in a bit of time to do another row!

OK, This is pretty organised for me...

Can see myself in a wool shop (really CD racks but great for sorting out your stash!)

What a mess!!

Apple Pin Cushion.
Flower Fairy Needle Case


(Doesn't look so bad in this photo.....)

I have to climb these to get to my sewing room:0(


More mess.....

Now who's sewing table is worse Fi ?

OK, so I have the will power of a slug...... as I was tidying up a friend came for a coffee, whilst we were talking I just had a fiddle to see how this would turn out.

I just love the colours

But might be a bit itchy?

OK, then I went to tidy a couple of really big balls of Aran weight wool and then I wondered what the colours would look like together.....

Saturday, 18 April 2009

On a mission to finish WIP

(Wonder how long this will last??)

Spent most of the night and day in Hospital with No 1 child. Suspected gallstones :0(

But I did manage to do a bit more of my Attic 24 bag but I also managed to finish off a pair of wrist warmers!!!

What do you think. They are really soft.
Going to have to hit the sack as only 2 hrs sleep last night has finally caught up with me.

Tomorrow, I am going to shame myself into action by posting photo's of my craft / sewing room. In a before attempted clear up pose!!!!

Keep nagging me to a) tidy up, sort out and chuck away rubbish.

and b) finish WIP before I start something new!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wow!! Look at her painting.

I love it when reading blogs you follow a link to a new blog. Julia has left me a comment and I followed her link to have a wander through her blog Her paintings are so lovely. Just thought I should tell you about her.

Have a good day.

Colette x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Chatting with a friend the other day over a cuppa the conversation came around to life in general (it always seem to) She said a friend had asked her what did she want out of a relationship. The good bits was her answer. It got me thinking about my life, my hopes, dreams, what I want out of life (not a relationship – that toooooo complicated for my overloaded brain to think about at this moment in my life - friends are certainly far more important)

In fact I have though about it non-stop.

I want to read more, I want to be able to organise my time better. To do the housework in say one hit and that would leave the evenings for ‘me’ (The J’s seem to go to bed later and later) I would love to be solvent, not to worry about money all the time, to be able to think I like that, I work hard, I’ll get it rather then how it is at the moment, just look at it and think one day.....
I’d like to remember to put hand cream on, I’ll never have lady like hands but for them not to feel (and look) like sand paper would be good.
I’d like to be brave enough to change jobs, I LOVE to be a dog warden, or to work outside. To work on a small holding. A plant nursery, or heaven - a wool shop. To wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. Is that too much to want?
I’d like to wear a skirt, not all the time but every now and then, rather then say twice a year. (I have two but I only do them with boots)
I’d like to ‘not’ cross the road to avoid having to hold a conversation with someone I know. I think there is a proper word for the hermit-reclusive tendencies I have at the moment – and no it isn’t shy!!

I’d like to stop keeping things in case they come in useful. Boy!! My house would be empty!

I’d like to live in a wooden cabin, in a bit of land, near the sea in Cornwall. I’d like no phone, internet when I choose, no TV, one big room downstairs - kitchen / snug / dining room with Rayburn again. I’d like my bedroom in the loft with windows that I can look out at the night sky. I’d like to grow what I eat, I’d like to listen to more music (bit of a Show of Hands fan) I’d like hens around me again ( I do miss living on a small holding) I’d love a poly tunnel. I love this kitchen in a country living book.
Enough of this waffle!!
My Attic 24 bag is coming on a treat, the other bag felted VERY well (tip, if you are going to machine felt Noro, start on a 30 wash!!)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter xx

Friday, 10 April 2009

A Good Good Friday!

I have woken up this morning to a tidy house. Actually it is quite nice.

The reason?

Jose had a Body Shop party. So I spent all day yesterday doing housework, well apart from popping into the shed to hook a bit, stand a knit a bit as I moved various WIP around. (Why is it I prefer to knit standing up?)

What do you think of this? The start of my Attic 24 bag. And my first attempt at blocking (sad to say it really does make a difference). I am using DK Jacob wool that I brought years ago from Yellingham Farm I think I should have used a 3.5mm hook as it is fairly loose but I am please with the colours. I have decided these bags are going to be my Christmas gifts this year. They are so easy to make and Lucy has a way of writing patterns that make it so simple to follow.

I am also itching to start to make Queenies LULA Crochet Scarf PDF Pattern from the Natural Dye Studio. It is from the same designer who was featured in the Inside Crochet magazine.

I love knitting, enjoy small projects (only knitted one adults Jumper, my first attempt but received a luke warm reception from my ex, so stopped knitting for a few years) but I must admit that there is something different about crochet, for me anyway.

Although I am going to try to make a conscious effort to finish some of my WIP (saying that I have two new ones on the go at the moment!!).

I had almost finished my 'painting with yarn' bag but decided to give it a gusset. My aim it to get it finished and felted by Monday evening!

Think I need to paint my back door too, and don't really like the terracotta wall in the kitchen...... and have a load of seed that won't grow if they stay in their packets....and..... need/want to move the pond this weekend.

Well that's my weekend planned. hope you have a happy and restful Easter.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Am in shock!!!!

Where has the little girl gone that I held in my arms 15 years ago!!!! Someone has replaced her with this young lady!
She has gone blonde (yuck!!!! Sorry, to me it makes her tooooooooooo grown up)

But I think that makes me sound like my Mum!!!!!

This young lady certainly has her head screwed on!!

Only one more day at work!!!!

Then four days off!!!

Bet it rains!!

Found my granny square blanket. So have another round to attach. Have learnt to catch in and trim my ends as I go. Nothing worse then spending AGES sew in 100's of ends.
I was really pleased with the bag I 'knitted' on the nifty knitter, but must say that although fairly fast nothing beats knitting with needles, you can sort of 'zone out' as 13 year old boys do when they are on the X Box!! OK, so I was going to try to finish a few things first but then I had an idea to make my Mum a camera case for Easter, this some how seems to have turned into a test bag, (somehow I don't think it is going to get to Mum) I kind of like this painting with yarn. In two minds as to should I felt it or not. The Noro felts really nice at 40, it takes on a totally different feel to it, so i think this , as it seems to be an experiment will get felted. This is the Alpaca wool that I brought at the talk I went to on Alpacas. £9 for 100 grm, no too bad really. It is so so soft, I brought it to make myself something to remember Daz by (as if!!), I miss touching her so bad, so in my little mind I thought if I made something I could sort of pretend! Boy! I'm 36 not 6!! But I know what I mean. tel: 01460 220763 I love this picture of Lily, it seems that the man is telling her to be quiet.
I am trying to think of thing to make for Easter, I found this amazing cushion on (sorry I haven't worked out how to so short links) Scroll down through her page and you'll come across a cute rabbit. I think that I might put it on the cotton shoppers that I am giving instead of eggs. This is the chicken one I made for friends at Christmas.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Thank you

I have been so amazed by all the lovely messages about Daz. Thank you. Yes I have been very lucky. I have loved and been loved by such a special dog. For that I am so so lucky. Lily has become like glue to me (even more then before!!)

And she has discovered WATER!!!! You know that lovely smell of wet dog.......

Look what came in the post for me on Wednesday. It is from Sumea over at It is so lovely. Must be Easter soon.........
After my last bag blunder I knitted up swatches to felt. Some did felt well on a 40 and some I will try on a 60 wash. The Noro was amazing so a thought I would have a go on the nifty knitter. It would have been quicker and more relaxing to have just knitted it the normal way. Next time!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Special memories

That's what I have.
Lots of really special memories. I lost my wonderful girl today. I am still in Mummy mode so it hasn't hit me yet.
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