Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A wonderful Wednesday

This I think is a much better photo of Jose. (Sssssshhhh!!! She is borrowing her brothers tie as he is having an op on his elbow) It is so lovely to see her happy after all this time. Makes me look back and think why on earth did I not try to mover her before. Already she has made some new friends.

I have decided (and reading some other blogs I am not alone) that I am going to have a mass finish blitz. I read on someones blog that the have 10 UFO's either knitting or crochet. I have no idea how many things I have on the go. But I have finally finished the little scarf from the Divas don't Knit book. Although I did end up modifying the pattern. I brought the wool in Totnes when I went there with Jose a few weeks ago. So it is now my Totness (I LOVE THAT PLACE!!) scarf.


So I am now going to write down a list of my UFO's. Maybe I should say I am not going to start anything else until I have finished all of them!!


Hope you have all had a good day. Jasper can't play sport for 3 months!

1 comment:

  1. sorry spelt Jose's name wrong above.
    Glad you are all settling in


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