Sunday, 8 March 2009

Where has the weekend gone?

Today started out full of sunshine in Dorset ( though where it has gone this afternoon I have no idea!)
Jose and I took Daz and Lily to Lyme Regis, just a 10 minutes drive down the road. We really are so lucky. Jose said I looked like a tourist, as I had my camera in my hand!!
Living down here you tend to avoid certain places in the holiday season.

We parked up the top car park (only £1 all day). My friend Angela and her Sister Joe run this cafe. If you go to Lyme you have to sample the cakes. Fantastic!! (Jose has a job there in the summer).

We then walked down to the harbour through the gardens, past the posh fish restaurant run by Mark Hix. What a view they have.

Lily had a fantastic time in the sea, although the first swim was by mistake. She followed Daz in before she knew what she was letting herself in for. Jose and I were laughing too much to get the camera out in time.

All the lights along the front in Lyme are like this. So beautiful.And the shops........

This seat was made buy children from Woodroffe School

I'd love to make one for the garden. So colourful.

And Jose took this photo of the spring flowers in Lyme.

We are lucky aren't we. (have to remember this on glum days)


  1. Really Love the pics. of the dogs having fun. And that seat is Amazing! beautiful design/colours.
    Is that you and Jose in the bottom picture? You are both so Pretty!
    Also many, many thanks for your warmth and encouragment. Your kindness has meant so much to me.
    Warm blessings
    Sumea xx

  2. Ahhhh...the shops in Lyme are too tempting!
    Looks like you had a lovely day.

    As for the mosaic is lovely and as someone who was involved a little (the youth work bit of my job!!) was by young people in Lyme...not just the school!!
    And partially funded by the West Dorset Youth Bank which is pretty cool!

  3. Wouldn't it be lovely if the young people in Bridport would do something like that too.


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