Thursday, 5 March 2009

Knitting club

A friend and I started a 'Knit and Natter' group in Bridport last month, just a chance to get together in the evening, once a month. Very informal and low key. Meeting in one of the pubs in the centre of town. Not a bad start, 8 of us met. You know when you want to do something very easy and relaxed, no committee's, no rules and regulations. Just an evening out, meeting new people and learning skills that seem hidden. My 13 year old son is SOOOOOOOOOOO embarrassed, I am such a let down, I knit. (You know you make a mental not that when he has his first child I am going to KNIT it so so many things!!)

Then I was contacted by a lady who told me about another group in Bridport, Bridport Machine Knitters. Saying that their group was failing and might have to shut. I ended up saying that I would pop along just to 'visit'. Dreading it slightly. Had got another lady to say she would come with me but this little part of Dorset was hit by snow yesterday so as I am in walking distance I ended up going on my own.

We met in the Friends Meeting House, at first I though what have I got myself into, but by the end of the evening I had actually enjoyed myself lots. I came away with a half started pair of socks - my first attempt at knitting on DPN. A pattern and a nice feeling.

I ended up 'having a go' on the sock as I was going to bed, and hour later I can understand why people get hooked on socks!!

Not photo today as My daughter has taken the camera to London to go to the X Factor Live tour. (Did point out to her and my niece that there are some lovely knitting shops in London and a little something for Mum for getting the tickets might not be a bad idea..........)

Had a real buzz when I saw a comment left by on my blog. I really love her felt work. So yesterday ended up much better then it started.


  1. I was at my crochet class on Tuesday and now we can all do a bit of crochet/knitting, we thought it would be a good idea to set up a stitch and bitch type group too. Keep up the mission for a yarn shop in Bridport! By the way, that's quite a yarn stash you have there!
    Have a great weekend (how I wish I was in Bridport).
    Hen x

  2. Just came across your Gorgeous blog.
    Loving your Beautiful knits.
    We have a Lily(ours a lovely 3 year old yellow lab)too :o)

  3. Hi Colette
    It's me again. I came to thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I too have been alone with teenagers in the past (know what that's like). I am glad you started up a blog and likewise I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Particularly the new blanket!
    Feel free to pop over to my blog(or email me) anytime for a chat. I've got a cyber kettle and tea/coffee pots over there. Trying to get it as comfy looking as your blog.
    Warm hugs
    Sumea xx

  4. Hi Colette
    How lovely to find you with a cosy little home in Blogland, I am so glad!! My heart skipped a beat when I arrived and was greeted by Colmers Hill, oh how i adore that little bit of England soooooo much...bluebell time soon too, I am quite homesick for Bridport at the minute.

    Glad to hear bout your knitting group, I wonder which pub you meet in?
    I had a lovely comment on my blog a few days ago from a friend of yours also in Brid, I forget her name (memory is pants)
    Anyhhooo, wanted to come say hello and give a ween wave to you down there in lovely Poppy Cottage, will pop back again soon..
    ps the granny blanket looks beautiful, glad to see you Hooking!!
    pps there used to be a fabulous wool hop on East street when I was a child, also a great haberdashery store too, how sad they had to close.

  5. Well what a lovely day you all seemed to have, it looked sunny but 'fresh' and i bet it blew the cobwebs away didn't it?
    I hope you do manage to get some felting done, it's very therapeutic-unless you stab your finger if your dry felting!


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