Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Heart in mouth moment....

You know the feeling, you have just knitted something in very expensive wool and you put it in the washing machine - and you - gulp - wait - 55 minutes for a cycle on a washing machine seems like hours!! When Jose and her cousin went to London to the X factor live tour (yuck!!) they brought me a ball of wool, I loved it especially as I already had part of a ball the same here. I picked up some black in the Charity shop, and used that double to finish off the bag. Nicki had the idea of adding bits of the main body of colour to the black band. Will it felt OK, will it shrink tooooooo small??
25 mins till I find out!!
Anyone who knows me know there are a few things that make me all happy inside.

1) Yarn and Fabric

2) Cut flowers don't do it, ones with roots on do (and anyway the cut ones die)

3) Mugs - not just any mug, I adore pottery mugs, hand made. I have LOADS of mugs, most are from Miles Bell at Symondsbury Pottery, I used to have an unwritten rule. If one got broken, another one would have to take it's place!!

Things are very tight on the money front at the momnet, but I couldn't NOT get this fantastic mug for the grand price of £1.50 from the chariety shop today.

only 10 minutes to go.............. I'll show you tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

1 comment:

  1. That mug is gorgeous, i can't believe you got it for £1.50
    Thankyou so much for lovely comments you've been leaving on my blog.


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