Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Back home

Daz is back home but now we have to see if the tumour was cancerous or not.

Thank you for all you lovely comments. I can sit with her and make my bag (have done a test square to check the felt ability of this wool!!) I am using a nifty knitter loom. If I can find the safe place I have put my camera I'll post a pic!!


  1. And i bet she is happy to be home !best wishes to you both x noelle x

  2. So glad Daz is home with you, she'll recover and heal so much better in her own environment.
    Warmest thoughts and wishes

  3. Phew.
    Horrible for you....glad she's back...she'll be much more relaxed at home with you (even with Lily jumping on her!)

    I've nominated you for an award....how cool is that!!....but I seem to have the computer skills of a gnat this morning and can't work out how to link to it from here. So...it's on my blog....have a look (you can just drag the image off and use it!!)
    see you later maybe??

    nicki x

  4. Just stopped by to say hello. Sorry to hear Daz is not well. I, too, am a dog lover and can certainly relate to your distress. Hope your day gets better. Liz


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