Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Back home

Daz is back home but now we have to see if the tumour was cancerous or not.

Thank you for all you lovely comments. I can sit with her and make my bag (have done a test square to check the felt ability of this wool!!) I am using a nifty knitter loom. If I can find the safe place I have put my camera I'll post a pic!!

Monday, 30 March 2009

A 'world turned up-side down' day

This is Daz, my soul mate, my life line. She is only 10 and is in the vets after collapsing when I got home from work. She has has her spleen removed along with the tumour that was attached to it. Next 48 hours will tell if she has pulled through. She has come through the operation so that is a very good sign.
Don't get me wrong, I love my children and my family but I have always has such a special bond with Daz (if you are a dog owner you will know what I mean) she loves me for who I am, doesn't care how I dress, what I look like, if I knit or can't be bothered to wash up. I am hers and she is mine. I can honestly say that I don't know how I would or could cope without her.
Not a happy post, sorry xx

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Took it out of the washing machine. Posh wool felted lovely but the back has stretched!!!!!! Even though it is 80% wool.

Wondering it I should go for a 60 wash. What's the worst that can happen.........

Heart in mouth moment....

You know the feeling, you have just knitted something in very expensive wool and you put it in the washing machine - and you - gulp - wait - 55 minutes for a cycle on a washing machine seems like hours!! When Jose and her cousin went to London to the X factor live tour (yuck!!) they brought me a ball of wool, I loved it especially as I already had part of a ball the same here. I picked up some black in the Charity shop, and used that double to finish off the bag. Nicki had the idea of adding bits of the main body of colour to the black band. Will it felt OK, will it shrink tooooooo small??
25 mins till I find out!!
Anyone who knows me know there are a few things that make me all happy inside.

1) Yarn and Fabric

2) Cut flowers don't do it, ones with roots on do (and anyway the cut ones die)

3) Mugs - not just any mug, I adore pottery mugs, hand made. I have LOADS of mugs, most are from Miles Bell at Symondsbury Pottery, I used to have an unwritten rule. If one got broken, another one would have to take it's place!!

Things are very tight on the money front at the momnet, but I couldn't NOT get this fantastic mug for the grand price of £1.50 from the chariety shop today.

only 10 minutes to go.............. I'll show you tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Still having a bit of trouble working out these photo's. Thought I'd be clever and use the word document to do my post. But it didn't add the photos that were in there. Bottom!!

Here they are

A wonderful Wednesday

This I think is a much better photo of Jose. (Sssssshhhh!!! She is borrowing her brothers tie as he is having an op on his elbow) It is so lovely to see her happy after all this time. Makes me look back and think why on earth did I not try to mover her before. Already she has made some new friends.

I have decided (and reading some other blogs I am not alone) that I am going to have a mass finish blitz. I read on someones blog that the have 10 UFO's either knitting or crochet. I have no idea how many things I have on the go. But I have finally finished the little scarf from the Divas don't Knit book. Although I did end up modifying the pattern. I brought the wool in Totnes when I went there with Jose a few weeks ago. So it is now my Totness (I LOVE THAT PLACE!!) scarf.


So I am now going to write down a list of my UFO's. Maybe I should say I am not going to start anything else until I have finished all of them!!


Hope you have all had a good day. Jasper can't play sport for 3 months!

Monday, 16 March 2009


Will change it for a better more smiley one soon x


Jose started her new school today. She'll hate me putting this photo on, slightly rushed, no time to pose etc etc. She really did look smart and I was so very proud of her. Mind you Jasper decided to go to school on the bus so that no one would know he knew her!!! She really enjoyed it. It was so lovely to hear her so happy and to see her smiling when she came out of school. Still she has to get the bus tomorrow. Child free from 7.30 - 4.30!! Shame I have to go to work really!!

(If anyone can give me tips on how to add photo's. I have just lost one and it won't let me get it back!!)
Now I feel I can relax and try to get a few craft projects finished. Although i doubt it. I am knitting my first pair of sock. Ok I am cheating by using chunky wool but seeing as it is going to be me wearing them I think that's OK.

I have been given a blanket along with the wool to finish. It is amazing and over 6ft wide. Each row uses just under 25g of wool. I wonder how long it will take if I manage to do a row a day. But of working out there I think. The colours are lovely, bright and slightly hippy fied (something else to make Jasper cringe!!!)

And I finally found the 'safe' place I had put my buttons from my button swap. Isn't nice when the swap partner actually takes the time to read about you. Lots of reads due to living in Poppy Cottage!!

I have been following http://sewonandsewon-noelle.blogspot.com/ and I really love her wall Hanging of St Ives. I have never been but it is on my list of Cornwall places to visit. And I had a letter from my pen pen (my letters come on lovely paper and always sealed with sealing wax, they are so lovely) who is looking to move down that way and had been to St Ives just last week. Small world!!

I think I am going to make a list of stuff to finish next time! Might spurr me on to finish something before I start something else new!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

One mans rubbish.....

When Jose and I went to Lyme I saw these lovely things in a window. Amazing what you can make out of what you find on a beach.
I also saw this....
One day I would love to live in a hut like this (bit bigger maybe) and have a bit of land...... few hens, just a very peaceful life.

Thought I should also introduce my young man (who is ssssoooooo embarrassed by the fact that I knit!! and crochet!)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Where has the weekend gone?

Today started out full of sunshine in Dorset ( though where it has gone this afternoon I have no idea!)
Jose and I took Daz and Lily to Lyme Regis, just a 10 minutes drive down the road. We really are so lucky. Jose said I looked like a tourist, as I had my camera in my hand!!
Living down here you tend to avoid certain places in the holiday season.

We parked up the top car park (only £1 all day). My friend Angela and her Sister Joe run this cafe. If you go to Lyme you have to sample the cakes. Fantastic!! (Jose has a job there in the summer).

We then walked down to the harbour through the gardens, past the posh fish restaurant run by Mark Hix. What a view they have.

Lily had a fantastic time in the sea, although the first swim was by mistake. She followed Daz in before she knew what she was letting herself in for. Jose and I were laughing too much to get the camera out in time.

All the lights along the front in Lyme are like this. So beautiful.And the shops........

This seat was made buy children from Woodroffe School

I'd love to make one for the garden. So colourful.

And Jose took this photo of the spring flowers in Lyme.

We are lucky aren't we. (have to remember this on glum days)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Knitting club

A friend and I started a 'Knit and Natter' group in Bridport last month, just a chance to get together in the evening, once a month. Very informal and low key. Meeting in one of the pubs in the centre of town. Not a bad start, 8 of us met. You know when you want to do something very easy and relaxed, no committee's, no rules and regulations. Just an evening out, meeting new people and learning skills that seem hidden. My 13 year old son is SOOOOOOOOOOO embarrassed, I am such a let down, I knit. (You know you make a mental not that when he has his first child I am going to KNIT it so so many things!!)

Then I was contacted by a lady who told me about another group in Bridport, Bridport Machine Knitters. Saying that their group was failing and might have to shut. I ended up saying that I would pop along just to 'visit'. Dreading it slightly. Had got another lady to say she would come with me but this little part of Dorset was hit by snow yesterday so as I am in walking distance I ended up going on my own.

We met in the Friends Meeting House, at first I though what have I got myself into, but by the end of the evening I had actually enjoyed myself lots. I came away with a half started pair of socks - my first attempt at knitting on DPN. A pattern and a nice feeling.

I ended up 'having a go' on the sock as I was going to bed, and hour later I can understand why people get hooked on socks!!

Not photo today as My daughter has taken the camera to London to go to the X Factor Live tour. (Did point out to her and my niece that there are some lovely knitting shops in London and a little something for Mum for getting the tickets might not be a bad idea..........)

Had a real buzz when I saw a comment left by http://www.marmaladerose.blogspot.com/ on my blog. I really love her felt work. So yesterday ended up much better then it started.
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