Saturday, 28 February 2009

Have started....

Today has been a bit of a run around day. You know when you don't really get much done!!

But I have started one of my swaps.

I loved reading Divas don't knit and am now reading Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil. Take a look at the website I printed off the free patterns and wanted to use some lovely Autumn coloured yarn for the scarf. I have ended up adding to the pattern. Plan to finish it tonight.
An I found out yesterday, Jose got into the school!!! Happy bubbly feeling inside!!


  1. The cushion looks interesting even at this stage. And your knitting looks so neat, mine is so uneven, but practice makes perfect so they say!

  2. Hello Poppy Cottage and welcome to blogland. It's a wonderful place, so friendly and supportive.
    I love the tea cosy, and the crochet blanket. My granny squares are all laid out on the guest bed waiting to be joined up- the bit I don't fancy doing!
    The pics of all that wool piled up everywhere made me laugh; well if the wools piled up there, there won't be any room for cobwebs.

    I'll be popping back again soon, keep the teapot warm. Fi x


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