Saturday, 28 February 2009

Have started....

Today has been a bit of a run around day. You know when you don't really get much done!!

But I have started one of my swaps.

I loved reading Divas don't knit and am now reading Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil. Take a look at the website I printed off the free patterns and wanted to use some lovely Autumn coloured yarn for the scarf. I have ended up adding to the pattern. Plan to finish it tonight.
An I found out yesterday, Jose got into the school!!! Happy bubbly feeling inside!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What a day!!

Hunting through some of my photos to see if I could find some of Poppy Cottage (back in the days when it was sometimes tidy not full of yarn, knitting needles........) start of the winter in fact.
Sadly not a real fire but if you squint you can pretend! I do.

Very different to when I first moved in. Lovely 1960 tile fire places were there instead. Off to the tip in the back of my wonderful Morris Minor.

I have learnt many things over these last two years, DIY wise, I can now tile, point but there are so many things I can't do. (yet!!)

Today I had the day off work to attend an appeal to try and get my daughter into a different school. Isn't it hard when they become the victim of bullying, still i have done my best, put forward her case now just have to wait and see.........

So, this morning I did a bit more of my sample try at a fleece peg loom rug. The fleece comes from a friend who runs a small holding in Wales. He is amazing, I would love to know where he gets his energy from.

I also had a go at felting some soap but should have carded the fleece first I think. Next time!! I am still learning how to put photos on here so sorry if some of them are in odd places!

Our Pup Lily thought that the best place to sit and watch the world go by was in the grass that Mum (me) was admiring for surviving a few months with a pup. Spoke too soon I think!!

This is the wool that has made me want to open a wool shop. SO many ideas, so little time!

Oh well, off to bed. Nun night.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

It has been a lovely day in Dorset, must nearly be spring! Gathering a few images to see if I can get to grips with this blog lark. I read many, enjoy loads and often think how it is sort of a diary that the author can look back on. Often I am made sad by the happy families (I know that must sound daft) that the blogs talk about, filled with a sense of failure. But onwards and upwards it is just me and my children in my little Poppy Cottage and today, I think, is the start of a positive phase of my life.

So I shall start my blog full of anticipation for the buzz I think something little like my very own blog will bring me.

I had a challenge, a friends Mum wanted a tea cosy for her 80th Birthday. Now I have patterns for loads of knitted ones, some for patch work ones. This one needed to fit a tea pot I didn't really know the size for. She is also a pro knitter (used to own a wool shop!!) so I didn't think my first attempt at a knitted one wouldn't be up to scratch (my standard, not hers). So I had a jumper that I have felted to turn into a bag - one day (My mum loves this new term felted - she just calls them mistakes that you hide!!) . So I cut off the sleeves and set to work. I am very proud of how it turned out.

After finding I picked up my crochet hook again and have started on my first Granny Square blanket. The main wool came from Rumpelstiltskin at It was payment for putting together and adding photos

to Tania's Newsletter and Workshop programme. And I have got the other co ordination colours from various wool shops. I have been watching Youtube to see how to join the squares, Marmalade helped me on this one before I up-picked it and started again.

Back when I was growing up our neighbour would crochet for hours and I remember she would try and teach me, I thought I was too young and would half listen, have a go. Now I look back and can't believe that I used to have this fountain of knowledge wanting to share it with me at my finger tips. Even up until a year ago when my Mum asked if I wanted the last of Mrs Plums blanket I said no. Thank fully my Mum never got around to taking it to the Charity shop. So now I am the very proud owner of a very special blanket. Thank you Lucy for inspiring me to pick it up again.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Starting My Blog

I have entered blogland and am being shown what to do by my fabulous, helpful and smiley daughter.
Am now off to find all the blogs I like and make it much easier by following them!
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